In the final televised BBC event to mark the 75th anniversary of
VJ-Day, Joanna Lumley was joined by a host of star to commemorate the conclusion of the Second World War.

Working with Kate Dawkins Studio, I was an animation team lead, creating a series of VTs telling the stories of VJ-Day through archive material, motion graphics, text and collage.

A physically challenging environment, the visual storytelling needed to work with the colossal scale (227 metres x 36 metres) and intricate architectural structure of The Old Admiralty, Horse Guards and Dover House buildings.
BBC VJ-Day 75

Motion artist and designer

Production Company: Kate Dawkins Studio
Design & Direction: Kate Dawkins Studio
Client: BBC Studios Events / Ministry of Defence 

Motion artists: Martin Stacey, Sam Williams, Neil Evan,
Alex Beaumont, Al Liddell, Catherine Woodhouse, Liam Corner
and Stuart Sinclair