D-Day 75 was a commemorative event, marking the 75th-anniversary landings on the Normandy beaches. The event took place on June 5th on Southsea common in Portsmouth and told the story of the major events proceeding the largest amphibious assault in history, leading to the end of World War II and the liberation of Europe.

Working with Kate Dawkins Studio, I was leading the team responsible for the design, animation, and delivery of all the large screen content for the event, which was broadcast live on BBC One, watched by an audience of 2 million.

Each sequence had a distinct visual identity to tell the narrative of the event and to accompany musical performances and readings without being a constant display of edited archive footage.
BBC D-Day 75

Motion design, animation; video editing.

Production Company: Kate Dawkins Studio
Design & Direction: Kate Dawkins Studio 
Animators: Sam Williams, Jason Arber and Martin Stacey

Client: BBC Studios Events