Sam Williams Studio
Looks Like God Left The Phone Off The Hook is a new video installation made in collaboration with performance artist Samir Kennedy.

It appropriates the zombie body and uses it as a site from which to perform notions of British working-class identity.  The film is deliberately ambiguous in its presentation of the zombie body and seeks to steer away from the zombie as a distant threat of abject horror and position it closer to a lived reality in Britain. There is an alluding to the idea that the monsters are already inside of us and it is the performance of “normality” that is most monstrous in its manifestation. Have we been left behind?
Samuel Kennedy & Sam Williams          
Looks Like God Left The Phone Off The Hook

Concept: Samir Kennedy & Sam Williams
Direction & Post: Sam Williams Studio
Camera: Paul Bates
Sound: Helen Noir
Make up: Elle McMahon